Two Writers Tell Their Stories of Redfern and Sydney with Conviction Tours

If you are planning on holidaying in Sydney, there may be a couple of tours that will take you off the beaten path.

The first tour was the ‘South of the Border’ tour, where the writers learnt about the colourful suburb of Redfern. This tour travels to the places the locals frequent, such as the Eveleigh Markets. Visitors on the tour are told stories that other tourists will never come across, such as how one of the Aboriginal murals explains why an emu can’t fly. Every tour takes its own route so that no one ever quite knows where they will end up.

The second tour is ‘Sydney with Conviction’. It begins at Circular Quay and travels through The Rocks and finishes up at Hyde Park. The tour guides, many of whom are trained actors, provide rich accounts of the early days of Sydney, stories with heroes and villains, as they lead visitors along Sydney’s tank stream, which was the fresh water source for early British colonists. Guests can learn about the historical developments that made Sydney the city it is today.