Travel Agent Commission Information

MSA Commission Claim Process

For official Travel Agents who book on commissionable rates the following applies:

To claim the agreed/advertised commission please fax an official TAX INVOICE, on your agency letterhead to

+61 2 9277 1188 or email a PDF to

Please ensure that your tax invoice includes our Meriton Serviced Apartments booking number (starts with 22 or 44), your ABN Number and GST component (applicable to Australian Travel Agencies only).

We process commission claims as we receive them and pay by cheque monthly.

We DO NOT pay commission automatically, on booking requests, emails, statements or account summaries.

A TAX INVOICE must be sent per Meriton Serviced Apartments Property.

We only pay commission in Australian Dollars (AUD$) via Cheque or EFT (for Domestic bank accounts).

All commissions are processed centrally for all of the Meriton Serviced Apartments operations. Please do not send commission requests directly to the property where your guests stayed, as they will often not be paid.

It is our company policy to NOT pay commission on bookings after one year (365 days) post your guest's departure date.

All public rates loaded into the GDS are commissionable at 10%. Corporate negotiated rates are net (non-commissionable).

Corporate negotiated contracts issued by Meriton Serviced Apartments clearly state if commission is payable on the negotiated rate or not.

Direct bookings via our website made on the Best Available Rate (BAR) are commissionable at 10%,all discounted rates, Corporate Plus Rates and special offers are net (Non Commissionable).

Only the Best Available Rate (BAR) are commissionable at 10%, all additional products such as roll-away beds, car parking, relaxed check-out and split bed fees are not commissionable. 

Extended and Long Stay rates are non-commissionable.  If you require a commissionable Extended or Long Stay Rate please ensure to request one at the time of your enquiry.  Please ensure to request a written confirmation stating the rates booked are commissionable for your records.

We only pay commission for successful management of a large (group) booking. We do not pay commission purely for referrals / referral service.  If the group is mismanaged, including but not limited to delayed payments, incorrect rooming list/s or group block wash in excess of 15% of the original group hold; the commission amount may be withheld partially or in-full at the discretion of Meriton Serviced Apartments.