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M e r i t o n S e r v i c e d A p a r tm e n t s o f f e r s u n p a r a l l e l e d
l e v e l s o f c on s i s t e n c y a c r o s s i t s e n t i r e p o r t f o l i o
We know you enjoy your standard of living and you shouldn’t have to compromise this when travelling.
Choosing a serviced apartment over a traditional hotel delivers you more space and more facilities,
so make our home your home, when you next stay away.
Forget expensive hotel dry cleaning services, our
apartments all have a washing machine, clothes dryer,
iron and ironing board. This allows for fast low cost
washing options. Our apartments also have a local
preferred ‘same day’ dry cleaning specialist if you prefer
your items to be sent out. Each apartment includes a
supply of washing detergent.
Our bathrooms boast open spaces and clever designs
to suit the style and size of each apartment. All two
and three bedroom apartments have two full sized
bathrooms and often an additional powder room.
All bathrooms are stocked with a selection of guest
amenities including soap, shampoo, conditioner,
body wash and body lotion.
Each property maximises the available space and we have
added additional recreational facilities at some locations.
Bondi Junction features a full sized outdoor tennis court
while many of our other properties have BBQ facilities that
can be used by all guests.
Y o u r h o m e a w a y f r o m h o m e
i n c l u d e s
• Oversized bedroom/s
• Gourmet kitchen
• Full sized bathroom/s
• Laundry facilities
• Fitness centre
• Indoor heated swimming pool,
spa and sauna*
• Leisure and recreational facilities*
* See property pages for details
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